Nice words from Delia + Jorge!

Okay, so this one did it! It actually made me cry!

***"We recently received our album, dvd slideshow and assorted goodies from Dana and Jeremy and felt compelled to write to express our thanks for their exceptional work. Their attention to detail, warmness and overall excellence is surpassed only by that which made their work stand out for us from all the others- their artistry. It's not often that one comes across photographers of their caliber with such a unique and fresh vision. We truly feel fortunate that our wedding day was captured so brilliantly by Dana and Jeremy.

Setting out on our journey towards marriage, we both agreed that when all is said and done and the day is over, that which remains are the memories that good photos can bring back into stirring detail. By chance, we found Dana and Jeremy and the rest is fate! Needless to say, just looking at our photographs brings all the emotion, energy and intense happiness of that day back in floods. It's incredible how a photo can capture not only a memory but a mood. We're consistently amazed by what they capture through a camera lens (or two in this case)!

There is a timelessness and yet a modernity to their work that is unmatched. We believe that these photographs will look as fresh in the years to come as they do today and we're so proud that we'll be able to share them with our children and grandchildren someday.

Thank you, Dana and Jeremy, not only for being exceptional photographers but also for having become good friends.

With Love, Delia and Jorge"***

Delia + Jorge April 26, 2008 Balboa Bay Club

Thank YOU Delia and Jorge for these incredible words! This means more to us than winning all the most prestigious awards in the world!