Michelle + Mike, Crestmore Manor Wedding

Mike is the brother of Shawn of Cassie + Shawn fame! And Michelle and Cassie are BFFs! It's so fun shooting friend's weddings! All of our clients become friends so it feels like we ALWAYS shoot friend's weddings but we've been around this group quite a bit. Yay for shooting within the fams!

Some wedding details.

Cassie-MOH + Shawn-BM and the rings.


This is my favorite. Michelle's Bridesmaid Megan said,"Only God can make them that good!" Amen.

I know I did rings + cupcakes last wedding but I couldn't help it!

It was a fun surprise when I came across Emily + Jony taking pictures of themselves with Jer's camera!

Our friends will NOT be outdone by Jackie + Joe Friends! They aren't even drinking. True story.

Jeremy got this gem of Darci + Bryon and baby Jack.

Thank you Michelle + Mike and fam! We love you!