This year we actually went to a party for Halloween! Last year we were in Ohio visiting family and the year before that I had the flu. (Not this year; I took Echinacea and it worked!)

Our makeup artist Amy did my makeup and I got dressed up 40's (with some cracks) Amy was 40s Frankenstein! She did her face soooo good!

Fun in the kitchen! Somehow I'm always laughing or eating in photos! ha.

Edward Scissorhands! He kept the perfect expression the whole time and kept hitting me with his scissors!

Brandie, Dana, Shireen, Amy, Leilah and The beautiful host, Brittney. Also some guys enjoying our photo!

The guys.

Leilah, Shireen and Amy.

Brandie and me, Whitney and Michelle.

And what's a wedding photographer's blog without a bride?!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!