Melissa + Patrick, Wedding at Grand Island Mansion, Walnut Grove CA

Melissa + Patrick are so cute and nice, I wanna squeeze them!! They really are two of the nicest people we've ever met. (And their families are just as nice too!) They were referred to us by another wonderfully nice couple, Patti + Danny. Melissa + Patrick live in Northern California so we met them on our engagement session with Jackie + Joe in San Francisco and hit it off!

Their wedding took place at a charming venue called Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove, California. We would LOVE to shoot another destination wedding there so give us a call if you're planning a wedding!

Some details:

I love when reflections happen upon us.

Melissa and her dad melt my heart.

First look by Jeremy:

Wedding party.

Melissa's mom had heart buttons!

Bowling ally!

Movie theater! This place has sooo many nooks and crannies, we MUST go back and shoot more!

Melissa said, "You have your own sweetheart table"! Aww!

I loved these ring shots:

Thank you Melissa + Patrick and family for everything! Everyone is wonderful! We are so happy we shared this day with you.

Come back soon for their Day After Shoot!