Nancy + Gerry, Saint Matthews Church, Green River Golf Club Corona

This wedding and reception took place minutes (seconds if you will) from our house! It's the closest one we've ever done. And with a with such a sweet couple! They had a wonderful day and we were happy to share it with them!

Our brides have cool shoes (I'm doing a fun blog on that later this week.)

At the groom's house (which is around the corner from us!)

Ceremony at Saint Matthew's Church:

We had fun playing with all the lines of this church.


The cutest little cozy slippers ever!

Jeremy got Nancy a bottle of Champagne to start! Then we had a shots to end. We love our client friends! Haha, that rhymed. And I'm a dork!

Nancy + Gerry: Don't be strangers! Let's do the lounge soon!