Santa's Workshop.....

Every year my mom and I get together and have a bake-a-thon! It's so much fun and it really gets us in the Christmas mood. This year I decided to document our work. We were smart this time and started with the dough one day and baked the next day. It saved us soooo much time and stress! New tradition.

It started with my favorite vintage apron.


My step-dad George built all this! It's a barn and a cute little house with a white fence and a garden for my mom. When we have kids (if ever!) it will be so fun for them! If you have any strays, feel free to bring them over; my parents LOVE kids!

Meet our mascot. Mokie looks innocent but she's annoying! She's a mini Aussie but she's soooo fat! She always wants to be in the way!

Sugar cookies.

Everyone's favorite: Russian Tea Cakes/Mexican Wedding Cookies.

Ginger cookies baking.


Abstract Sunset.

George with his feet up by the fire. Soo Christmasy!

All our hard work.

Gift boxes.

Gift bags.

All in all we made: Oatmeal Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Pumpkin Cookies, Ginger Cookies, Russian Tea Cakes, Double Chocolate Biscotti and Pumpkin bread!

We hope you are enjoying some of your favorite holiday things!!