Girl's Vegas Trip!

A couple weeks ago I went to Vegas to celebrate the birthday of not one, but TWO very important birthdays of my friends, Amy and Tiffany. We got a van to hold all eight of us and stayed at The Venetian.

Amy went a little crazy writing on our van!

There was so many memorable moments but here's just a few:
-Before we even left town, one girl forgot her underwear.
-I decided to do a fake tan for the first time and burned myself really bad! (I STILL have the light lines on my back!)
-One girl fell out of the van! Twice!
-A gas station guy asked, "What does Vegas or Bush mean?" but what was written on the van was "Vegas or Bust!" So that became our slogan.
-We got amazing hookups everywhere we went, just for being a group of girls!

Birthday Girl #1: The beautiful Amy.

Birthday Girl #2: The beautiful Tiffany.

Vanessa knows how to rock a photo shoot!

Yep, I posted this one cause I look goood!

My two favorite (G-Rated) quotes from the weekend:
"I love big words and when you use them, I kinda love you a little."
"Every time I'm sad I'll think of her falling and I'll be happy again."

This weekend was one filled with rainbows, cookies, bubbles and midgets (or technically, a Dwarf.) It will go down in history as being one of the most fun times ever to be had by yours truly!