Happy Birthday Tabitha!

Dear Tabitha,

This is the day of your birth. February 23, 2009. It was beautifully cloudy, a little rainy and sunny day. There was even a rainbow. The experience of your birth (the very first one I've ever been a part of) has really changed me, more than I thought it would. In a very good and surprising way. Jeremy and I are so happy we were there for your birthday!

This is what it looked like outside about an hour before you were born.

I loved this sticker.

This is your sister Daphne. She really wanted to play in the water!

Daphne plays puzzles with Angie, waiting for you to get here.

Daphne helps Mom.

Mommy and Daddy waiting for you to be born.

I loved this moment.

Happy Birthday, Tabitha Jane!

Daphne was very excited to meet you finally.

A little after you arrived. You were born at 8:44 am.

Your first hug with mom and dad. You were so peaceful and didn't cry once!!

Mommy was overjoyed after you got here. "She's so beautiful! I love everyone! This was so wonderful. Thank you all for being here!" your Mommy said!

Hi Tabitha!

This is my favorite picture of you! You really were so, so, so beautiful. The peacefulness of the water and your face are so evident.

Daphne puts on her princess dress to celebrate.

Daddy holds you.

Still not a peep from you!

Daphne comes over to see you again.

You were 22 inches long and weighed 8.8 pounds.

Thank you Cook family for sharing this wonderfulness with us!