Alvarez Maternity

What does a pug, a family, cloudy weather, burned trees and pretty flowers all have in common? There were all a part of this shoot! It was so much fun to shoot this wonderful family on my favorite kind of day and in my favorite kind of place. What more could I want?! They are all the sweetest people ever and it was such a joy. We did their shoot on April 14. Saharai had Gabriel April 16! Congratulations Alvarez Family!

This is what my favorite kind of day looks like:


Meet Lucas. af6

Meet me boring Lucas! af4

Zoe is a student from El Dorado High. She chose us to job-shadow for a project. She got some good shots! af2

I just fell in love with this couple! af5

I also fell in love with this dog!



Saharai is amazingly gorgeous and photogenic.


Having a baby reminds me of the Lensbaby, so I tend to use it more on Maternity shoots! Ha!


Gabriel's first toy car, from where they grew up, Venezuela.


She had such cute outfits!





Hat; stolen! af16

I'll leave you with this picture Zoe shot! af18