Karissa + Richard Engagement: Bloomingdales + Long Beach

We had such an adventure with Karissa + Richard. Where didn't we shoot them?! First we started at Bloomingdales. We had to shoot there because that's how they met; he was her shoe boy! So we were sneaky and shot from the hip. (And when I say "we", I mean Jeremy since I'm too chicken!) Next up we tried to get on a cruise ship, to which the guard said, "oh you're a passenger on that ship?" and we said yes. Then he said, "The one that already boarded all the passengers?" Haha. We got nothing. Then Belmont Shore and a candy store. Last but not least, we ended up by some really great trees. Thanks so much Karissa + Richard for a fun filled day of adventures!


In the shoe department, where they met. kr4




Oopsie! kr7




How cute is the waiving little boy?! krt



We found a candy store. kr14



Look who else enjoyed the candy store?! Yep, you guessed it. Little buddy. kr165

I like big boots and I can not lie! kr17

Random that we ended up by this tree, which is located at a park right by my sister's house! kr18

I'm in love with the movement and life in these. kr21


The guy on the bike and the one with the skateboard make this for me. kr23

They took us to this amazing place called The Boiling Crab. We waited 2.5 hours to eat. Worth it! kr24