Always a photographer, never a bridesmaid..

.... or groomsmen. Jeremy and I were actually in our friend's wedding. While we were excited to be included in wedding festivities, it was very strange to experience the wedding as a bridesmaid and groomsman. We decided to bring our cameras just to document the day from our perspectives. (It's really hard NOT to bring a camera everywhere!) And I'm so glad we did!

Speaking of cameras, there were four photographers IN the wedding party and more at the wedding!

We are so happy for our friends and had such an amazing time being a part of this wonderful day. Mary Frances was the photographer. They were so nice and did a fantastic job! Make sure you check their blog for more "official" pics of this great wedding!

Our dresses are from my favorite-est store ever, Anthropologie! I had so much fun getting ready with the girls. Wedding festivities are fun!

Roya looked amazing! Amy putting her super red lips!


I loved her tweed shoes!


Me and my new favorite friend (who's also our bride, Heather!)


Christina was the MOH and looked beautiful. She's so photogenic!


Mary Frances got these fun shots of the bridal party:


How bout Jeremy, always with his mouth open!! haha35

She was kind enough to allow the many photogs a shot! This is exactly when I took the one below....33

The amazingly gorgeous bride! rm5

Another bride inspired by Emily's veil. She also got hers at The Dresser.


Heather caught chimping! And showing Roya, who is also a photographer!


Heather also got this shot of me with my Holgaroid. rmdp

Heather is so stinking cute, I could take a million pictures of her!


Mike caught taking a little smoky break.


Our bouquets and the centerpieces were really pretty. We actually put them together. It was so much fun!



And I finally got a Polaroid to come out!



This is for Amy. She always complains she does my makeup all cool and then I go and cover it up with my glasses!


This is what happens when you leave your camera unattended at a party with photographers. I laughed so hard when I found these!


This could mean trouble. Um I mean, yes it WAS trouble!rm16

Amy, Brandie and Danie.


We love you both SOOO much Roya + Mike!! Thanks for sharing your day with us! We are going to miss you when you move :(