Paris + David: New York Part 4: Times Square

This was one of my most favoritest (I know that's not a word) things that's ever happened at a wedding. As soon as we walked into the space where the crowd was, they went wild. Everyone was cheering. Hundreds, if not thousands of people were cheering for Paris and David! The energy was amazing and not like anything I've ever experienced. People were yelling, "Congratuations!!", clapping and stopping to take pictures. One girl even asked if she could be in a picture with them. Who says New Yorkers are rude?! They are some of the best people ever.

It was epic. ts1

All the people on the red stairs stood up, cheered, yelled and took pictures. ts3

As we were crossing the street, this highly intoxicated couple kept saying to each other, "we should get married! Would you shoot our wedding?!" They followed us and tried to steal Paris + David's thunder! ts2




I'm in love with blurry pictures because they "feel" more like what was happening. ts8