Paris + David: New York Wedding Part 1

Paris + David live in Las Vegas, had their engagement in Hollywood and pretty much eloped to New York! Can they BE any more fun?!?!?! I'm separating this into a few blogs since there are so many fun ones you must see. Handmade bouquet/invitations/boutonnieres and personalized details all made by the lovely and amazingly talented Paris.

It was a photographer's dream wedding! It was like hanging out shooting our friends all day. In New York. With great details. Doing whatever we wanted! Thank you so much Paris + David for the honor of shooting your fabulous day!

The invitations Paris made. So creative! pd9

Paris put all the TONS of beads together for this truly unique bouquet and designed their cute logo! pd4

Check out the all the fun details. pd3.5

They got ready together and we loved it. pd5




Up next: Brooklyn Bridge! I'm DYING to post those!! pd7