Hair and Makeup Shoot

My friend and makeup artist extrodinare, Amy Clarke put on a fun shoot where a bunch of photographers, models, makeup artists and hair stylists got together for an all day extravaganza. I've known every single hair and makeup artist for a long time so it was really great to work with all my amazingly talented friends! I looked at it as an opportunity to practice my off camera lighting and try something I don't normally do. It's difficult to use off camera lighting at weddings because there's usually a limited amount of time and lighting takes time to set up. I'm still working on it but I am happy with how these came out.

Makeup Artists: Amy Clarke Brandie Bedell Shelia Northcutt

Hair Stylists: Melody Rachunok Vanessa Del Campo Kristen Camancho Enriquez

Makeup by Brandie. hm1.5


I've been photographing Vanessa for years! Makeup by Brandie, Hair by Melody: hm2



Makeup by Amy, Hair by Vanessa (not only a model but a hair stylist too!) hm4







Makeup by Brandie, Hair by Melody. hm10

Makeup by Amy, Hair by Melody. hm16

Vanessa: Hair by Melody, Makeup by Brandie. Chantel: hair by Kristen, Makeup by Amy. hm11


Makeup by Brandie, Hair by Melody. hm15

This is my absolute fave from the shoot. I love the colors and it's my favorite time of day with and without lighting. hm14