Catie + Ben, Vintage Arizona Wedding Part 3

Okay, here's the last part of this great wedding! I added some things that Catie had to say about her wedding: Theme/inspiration for the day- I started out with like a 1940's theme because I love that music and era and then it sort of ended up just being everything that I love shoved into one backyard. I wanted it to have a backyard kind of cute bed and breakfast feel. It did have a lot of 1940's themed things but it was subtle and I don't think people knew the era. So, I guess I could call it a real vintage backyard wedding (most of the stuff really was old)

Any advice for those planning now-I don't know that I'm the person to give advice on this! My whole engagement was 3 months, with a very small budget in comparison with what the typical wedding costs. I spent the most money on the thing that was very most important to me which was photography. That was more than half my budget. The rest was all my friends and family.

Any vendors- Like I said, I can give you names but everything was family and friends. Dress-my mom and I designed it and she made it.The photo booth is mine and was a total hit! I do plan on renting it out. I liked how cute it was and that it is real vintage with real vintage dress up clothes unlike some really cheesy ones I've seen.

His advise to the couple: Do not look her in the eyes or you will turn to stone.