Amazing Nice Words from Shana + Travis!

Shana + Travis sent me one of the nicest emails I've ever received. And it was before she even saw the wedding pictures! This wedding was really special to me not only because I adore this couple, but because I got to work with my bestest and super talented friends. Can life be any better? Lovely Ladies!!!

You are all so AMAZING!!!!  Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful creative contribution to our wedding.  Trav and I are so lucky to have had you all there giving your specific gifts to our special day.

Dana, from the moment we spoke I loved your approach to your craft and knew that I wanted to see my life and our love through your eyes.  I have enjoyed all of the shoots we have done and your work is gorgeous.  Thanks for making us look so good and for being so fabulous and “Darling”.  Remember you can always hire a driver, but not many can do what you do.

Brandie, I knew you would be great since Dana recommended you, but Wow!!  People commented on how good the make-up was on all the girls and me.  You have a special way about you and a true gift.  Thank you so much for making us all look beautiful…even after a short night sleep.

Melody, I have never seen hair so gorgeous on any group of bridesmaids EVER!!  The girls looked so beautiful it made me cry.  I knew when I met you at the B-shots that I wanted you to join in the fun.  The girls all loved their hair and felt so pretty.  We got so many wonderful comments on hair and makeup and I can’t wait to see all the pictures.

Claressa, I had gone back and forth on whether I wanted video since I had seen so many strange video scenarios at weddings, but I knew I wanted to have our vows recorded so we could watch them in years to come.  Dana gave you the biggest compliment saying that she normally does not like video, but she could not take her eyes off your work.  What an beautiful compliment from such a talented photographer!  I was intrigued to say the least. Trav and I are so excited to see your creation!  You were so stealth and yet so present to catch our moments.  Thank you for your gift.

Tiffani, Melody, Me and Brandie. Me and Claressa. Love my girls!