Nice Words from Catie + Ben!

I loved this email I got from Catie: "I am so in love with that wedding...and it's mine!!! The pictures turned out soooo cute. I didn't even know half that stuff was there! I heart my pictures! I can't believe the weird stuff you took pictures of. So perfect! You captured the day beautifully. I hope Ben doesn't mind driving to California for all of our photography needs:-)"

I also loved what Catie said about photography: "I spent the most money on the thing that was very most important to me which was photography. That was more than half my budget. The rest was all my friends and family. (You can get anyone but I wanted the best.)"-Wow, thanks Catie!!

And check out Catie + Ben's feature on Green Wedding Shoes! It's at the top since it's so popular. She also answers a lot of questions about how she designed her amazing wedding.