New Blog Re-Design!

Welcome to my newly designed blog!  I wanted to add some features and come up with a new design. It was time for change! Plus I needed to add items that reflect my personality and style a little better, like the tag and twine. I'm so in love with it! You might notice that my logo now has the word "boutique"  in it because it fits so well. It means, " A small shop serving a specialized clientele." My client-friends are SPECIAL-lized.

Another fun new feature is the side bar of inspiration, latest and popular. I have such inspirational clients, I wanted their ideas to be easily accessible and fun to look through. You can also find the latest posts easily instead of scrolling down and popular posts are always a good time.

Facebook is now connected and every post can be tweeted, Facebooked, blogged, baked and fried however you like! It's delicious!

Also, updated is my about me page. There's a ridiculously silly video of me. Watch it at your own risk!

I want to thank Allison of Designed by Allison for doing such an amazing job! I couldn't be happier. Use her, use her for everything and anything!

Let me know what you think! (But only if it's good! haha) xoxo, Dana