Maggie Lifestyle shoot

I've been seeing a lot of glammed-up shoots lately. Hair, makeup, wordrobe, stylist; the works. So of course I wanted to do the complete opposite.

My idea for this shoot was just Maggie. She's one of those natural beauties that doesn't understand how pretty she is. Even with little or no makeup on, she's intriguing. I wanted it to be very natural, beachy, life style shoot, which reflects her personality.

I also wanted to use film but I ended up running out... But I love my digital ones just as much! I am still waiting for the black and whites so we'll see how they come out. I did very little photoshop on the digital ones and nothing to the film. I love the idea that something that be so simple and natural yet amazing and beautiful.

Let me know what you think!

The next few are film... I love that I can put a film and digital image next to each other and it still looks good! Film is on the left. I'm in love with this shot.