Erin + Jordan, Norco Farm Engagement

Barn, chickens and goats oh my! Oh how I've wanted to do a shoot at my parent's house, "The Schneider Ranch" in Norco (Horse Capital USA) for such a long time. Erin + Jordan were the perfect couple to make my barn dreams come true. (And hopefully I made theirs come true as well.)

See the first part of their shoot here.

Chicken House built by my step dad aka Cinderfather. ej0015 ej0015 Big Betty the Brahma...named lovingly given by my Ex hippie Mom. ej0015 The mom and daughter goats... wait for it... Galaxy Lacy and Dizzyland Pixie. ej0015 She showed off for her big shoot. (She never lets me take pictures of her.) ej0015 ej0015 ej0015 ej0015 Yes, my step dad built this barn with his bare hands, thanks for asking! ej0015 Hey! ej0015 ej0015 ej0015 ej0015 I'll pretend like I didn't find that sign in my parent's house. ej0015 ej0015 ej0015 ej0015 ej0015 And then Erin got lippy and Jordan had to show her who's boss. ej0015