Balboa Beach Photography: Heather + Grayson Maternity

Heather + Grayson are good friends and I just adore them. They are also amazing photographers: Jagger Photography. You might remember them from their wedding and engagement I also shot. I love that I get to be around so many amazing moments in my couple's lives. Baby Myles' room is 70s nautical themed (naturally) so I decided to shoot them around boats. We were sneaky. And by sneaky I mean that we just walked passed the no trespassing sign, got on the dock and no one cared. And it was fun.

I can't really take how cute they are. Baby Flare. Sooo Heather! If you know her, you can hear her saying whatever silly thing! Since they're photographers, I got this for Myles on Etsy! Isn't is soooo cute?!