Jaymi + Andy Maternity

Jaymi + Andy are one of the most fun couples of all time. Andy is constantly making Jaymi and the rest of us laugh. They have a sweet relationship that is such a joy to be around. I love it; I love them! I just shot their wedding last December. They knew they wanted babies right away. So they got to it! Makeup by Brandie Bedell

First gift she ever bought for the baby: a stuffed giraffe. Side story: My animal spirit is a giraffe. Because I apparently have a long neck. So now it's become kinda my thing to sport giraffe gear. So far I have necklace, makeup bag, two stuffed animals.. all joke gifts.. that I secretly love. Light spot + sun = baby heart flare! What other prego couple would get on a playground and have this much fun?!

And thanks to Brandie Bedell for 2nd shooting all of the important events of Jaymi + Andy's with me!