B Sexy on Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Lovers! A few weeks ago we did a B Sexy Session Marathon for Valentine's Day. They all did this for their husbands, which I think is so cute! And the best gift. Here's what they had to say about the B Sexy Session: I keep forgetting to email you! I love the pictures and my husband love LOVES them. :) thank you so much!- Liz

Thank you Dana!! I got it and they look amazing! I am going to send them out tomorrow to him, so excited to surprise him with these amazing pictures!!! -Shayna

Every girl should do this with you & Rach for maximum bombshell results! You're right in that you use light as your friend & in making it flattering to your clients, while still capturing their essence & personality. -Sarah

I do these all year round for a special surprise for your fiance or just because! I think every woman should do this at least once in their life, even if it's just for herself. Contact me for details.

Hair and makeup by Charmed Beauty.