Off to the Dominican!

I'm off to the Dominican Republic until next Wednesday! I'm really excited about this workshop, Inspire Smart Success taking place in the Dominican Republic. It's so important to go to workshops and stay inspired, especially after being in business for over 8 years! It's for wedding professionals, not just photographers. I tend to gravitate toward workshops that are are more business oriented than just about photography. Anytime I go to something like this, I come back energized and inspired with a new fire of creative energy. This workshop also has rave reviews. I can't wait to give one of my own after I come back! I know it's going to be amazing.

For the past two years, I've gone to Hawaii in January to plan my year and let Hawaii gives it's magical eneregy to me. Since I couldn't do that this time, this trip is taking its place! I guess I have a little bit of a travel bug!

I plan on taking tons of photos. Especially with my Holga, Holgaroid and Yashica D. Here's some images of the resort, Sanctuary Cap Cana.

Hoping to get some more of this kinda thing I shot in Hawaii: And of course some like this, with my digital camera: