Love Note from Krysta + Wes!

Krysta + Wes sent me this beautiful love note and I just had to share! They had a gorgeous wedding last month in Palos Verdes. Dana,

I don't have to say much more other than I am in tears right now looking at your gorgeous work. These photos will be an everlasting reminder of of our wedding celebration, as your talent goes so far beyond capturing moments... it captures feelings. So thanks to you, I will always be able to relive how it felt to be a beautiful bride, and more importantly we will both be reminded over and over of how we felt on the ONE day in our lives where we will ever be so fortunate to have so many of our friends and family with us in one place! Because of you we now have no excuse to ever lose sight of all we have found in each other... you are truly incredible, thank you!!! --Krysta