Long Beach Museum of Art Photography: Kasey + Sam

Kasey + Sam are such a special couple. Their love for each other is so evident. They are so cute, so full of giggles and smiles that you can't help but to share in their joy! Their wedding and reception took place at The Long Beach Museum of Art. Flowers by Greenleaf Designs Makeup by Brandie Bedell Hair by Anna Pontier from Georgia Salon. Apple Fritters by Great Dane Bakery Cupcakes are from Sweet Embellishments Desserts by family

It's so fun to get this non oposite reflection shot! Cheer up Sam! Loved their expressions during the toasts. These two pictures make me cry every time I look at them. Sam was giving a speech and he said something like, "I promise you I will love this woman forever. And the reason I can make that promise is because of my dad, who was an example of how to love a woman right." Tears!

Thank you Kasey, Sam, Moffitt and Proctor families for having us!