Amazing Love Note from Paris + David!

This was the an amazing love note that one of my bestie client friends, Paris wrote to me on her Facebook and I just had to share! Thank you Paris + David from the bottom of my heart for this! You can never know how much this means to me. Love you both! I want to tell you that when I hired Dana Grant, I knew exactly what I was getting. I looked for Style, Creativity, Talent and Fabulousness (not even sure if that's a word, but she nailed it!). What we weren't expecting was the EXPERIENCE of a lifetime. We LOVE Dana Grant Photography, not only because we were given treasured photos from our amazing wedding day, but because we felt like royalty. We will never forget it. When you see the pictures, you will see the story told through her eyes, the beauty captured by the beholder and the memories she has locked in time for us.

Dana accounted for more the 50% of our wedding budget. Sound like a lot? I can tell you that she was worth EVERY PENNY and MORE. We never regret one cent ever spent. Those photos will be the ones that our son holds on to and passes down to his children and hopefully for generations to come.

When we chose Dana, it was because my friend Erin Watkins had her photos done and I knew from the moment I saw her work, I was sold. We didn't even look for another photographer. I had to have Dana! We SAVED our butts off to have her and have never looked back.

Our Wedding Day was only the 3rd time we have ever met....and we have been good friends ever since. I ♥ her and am grateful to her for all the memories she has given us. She was the inspiration for me to become a photographer and is super supportive. She is a rock. Some of you may know, she even flew to Hawaii for our little one's First Birthday! Now that's what I call and Amazing Photographer!

Three years, 2's long over due to share the beauty of Dana Grant Photography! Posting them soon......

We ♥ You Dana!