Santa Barbara Courthouse & Canary Wedding Photography: Gypsy + Bill

This wedding was extra special to me since it's my family! Gypsy (my step sister) has amazing, unique style so I knew this wedding would be fun to document and experience. Congratulations to two people you might not put together but make perfect sense. Love you both! Ceremony: Santa Barbara Courthouse, The Mural Room Reception: Canary Hotel Getting ready: Santa Barbara Hotel Flowers by Shelley at Primal Flower Event Planning by Bella Destinee


SantaBarbaraCourthouse02SantaBarbaraCourthouse03SantaBarbaraCourthouse04SantaBarbaraCourthouse05SantaBarbaraCourthouse06 SantaBarbaraCourthouse07SantaBarbaraCourthouse09SantaBarbaraCourthouse10SantaBarbaraCourthouse11This is my step dad, who is hard to get a good smiling photo so I had to post this. Love you George! SantaBarbaraCourthouse12SantaBarbaraCourthouse13 SantaBarbaraCourthouse14SantaBarbaraCourthouse15 SantaBarbaraCourthouse16 SantaBarbaraCourthouse17 SantaBarbaraCourthouse18 SantaBarbaraCourthouse19This Santa Barbara Courthouse, Mural Room was amazing!

SantaBarbaraCourthouse20 SantaBarbaraCourthouse21 SantaBarbaraCourthouse22 SantaBarbaraCourthouse23 SantaBarbaraCourthouse24 SantaBarbaraCourthouse25 SantaBarbaraCourthouse26 SantaBarbaraCourthouse27 SantaBarbaraCourthouse28 SantaBarbaraCourthouse29 SantaBarbaraCourthouse30 SantaBarbaraCourthouse31 Canary Hotel SantaBarbaraCanary32 SantaBarbaraCanary33 SantaBarbaraCanary34 SantaBarbaraCanary35 SantaBarbaraCanary36 Fun was had by all! And extra fun was had by me since I had my dear friend Tiffani Michelle come shoot the reception for me! Thanks Luva! SantaBarbaraCanary40 SantaBarbaraCanary37 This is me dancing with the craziest groomsman of all time! SantaBarbaraCanary38