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I've wanted to do a shoot inspired by the Wizard of Oz for so long, since it's my favorite movie OF ALL TIME. Since Oz The Great and Powerful was coming out, it seemed like the perfect time to make this shoot happen. I really wanted to stay true to the essence of the story, which has a lot of meaning for me. I see myself in Dorothy: going on adventures to search for something, finding best friends along the way, defeating inner demons until finally realizing you have everything within you. And it's been there all along. You're brave, strong and there's nothing else you could possibly want because you have everything. Once you realize you don't need a Love, that's when you find it...

What if Dorothy and OZ fell in love?....(Scroll down to read the story)

Dorothy leaves her Kansas house in her classic dress. OZDorothy0021 She carries with her a basket filled with darling cookies that represent her best friends: Lion, Tinman and Scarecrow along with her poppy and wheat bouquet. DorothyKansas

Oz waits for Dorothy in his vintage suit complete with an ascot and hot air ballon boutonniere. Oz

The artful invitation and welcome table. OzDorothyCards OzDorothyinvitation

Meanwhile in Oz...Munchkins! Munchkins2

Glinda 2 Glinda the Good Witch and Dorothy's dear friend. GlindaOZ

Toto!!! Toto's bowtie. OzDorothyToto

Dorothy and Oz follow the yellow brick road to their yellow brick alter where they tie the knot under a green curtain arbor. They have a small, intimate ceremony in land of Oz. Glinda, the munchkins and Toto are their witnesses. OzCeremony They have so much fun with their friends (and Toto too!) storyboard-16

Dorothy and Oz have a day filled with magic and love. OzDorothy3 OzDorothy2 OZDorothymagic2 OZDorothy1

Details. Thoughtful touches of their styles. OZDorothyTable2

Oz and Kansas inspired cake. OzCake

Their table. A whimsical and elegant combination of the couple.. OZDorothyTable

The night starts with Dorothy changing into a gorgeous emerald gown with sparkly emerald shoes. emeraldshoes OZDorothyemeralddress

They feed each other a cookie and live happily ever after! OZDorothytable3 A gorgeous yellow bouquet. OZDorothyemeralddress2 OZDorothyEnd

I can't thank all these wonderful, talented people enough!! Designer of Dorothy's, Glinda's and flower girl dresses, also custom ruby red slippers, green heels and green converse: Evey Rothstein Clothing Hair and Makeup: Melody Rachunok Owen and Levi Rachunok as Munchkins and cousin Lily Bos as flower girl munchkin Table decor: Serendipitous Events by Julia Invitation: Christy Schurle, One handspun Day Hot air ballon boutonniere/red sparkle bow tie/green backdrop, Emilee Hegg: Tasteful Tatters Glinda Model:Maile Roseland, Alexandria and Spencer Phillips, Dorothy/Oz models, Oz's vintage suit, ascot, vintage rings: PhillipsandCoVintage Toto Doggy model (Dorothy Mantooth) and Dorothy's bouquet and Glinda's vintage crown from France: Rebecca Stringham Cookies: Linzy Kearby, Parchment Cookies Cake: Cakes and Catering by Karie Yellow bouquet/flower girl flowers: Florist Rose Safran>