Upland Hills Country Club Wedding: Valerie + Jason

Valerie + Jason has a sweet little wedding on a Thursday last November. They were so excited, in love and ready to spend their lives together! Ceremony: San Antonio Heights Church Reception: Upland Hills Country Club

I don't know if I've ever seen a more excited bride! So happy and photogenic. Uplandwedding0001 Uplandwedding0001.5 First look. Valerie is too cute! Uplandwedding0002 Uplandwedding0002.5 Even though Jason is a little more reserved, he couldn't hide his excitement either! Uplandwedding0003 Uplandwedding0004 Uplandwedding0005 Uplandwedding0006 Uplandwedding0007 Uplandwedding0008 Uplandwedding0009 Uplandwedding0010 Uplandwedding0011 Valerie's twin, Jessica who was also one of my brides is a witness. It's so sweet how close they are. Uplandwedding0012 Uplandwedding0013 Uplandwedding0014 Uplandwedding0015 Uplandwedding0016 Uplandwedding0017 Uplandwedding0018