Colors of Miami

While in Miami for the Target event at Hispanicize, Julia wanted to collaborate on her concept of a shoot she calls "Colors of Miami." She writes so beautifully so this blog post is her words to my photography. Conceptualized, styled and written by Julia of Serindiptious Events by Julia Photography: Dana Grant Hair and Makeup: Courtney Eads of Courtney K. Designs.

Colors of Miami What a beautiful, vibrant colorful place the city of Miami is. The city is painted in so many great colors and it has such a great feeling of an old world along with a new one. South Beach is a great extension of these colors, but not just the literal ones, the people are what really add the richness to this city. Traveling to a new place and discovering the people. People have so much more depth than the surface of their life. We are all multiple colors and hues. Here are some who really make up the color, spirit, depth, character and soul of this city. One of the greatest quotes written by Edgar Allan Poe, “ Beauty of whatever kind, in its true development invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.” We found a few beauties and their truth within their beauty. Miami0001 The Kent Hotel, South Beach Miami Miami0002 Racquel Our first model of the day and the ray of pure light that we needed just before the storm (literally)….Such a love light held under the most gorgeous mane of curls, Racquel is a natural in front of the lens and in front of any backdrop. Racquel is a fashion designer and understands the body as well as the form. She is a native Californian who has brought the West Coast Sun to the fiery South Beach. Racquel is on an adventure in life to bring her dream to a reality and what a gift to us that we got to be part of it. Sweet and sexy is her appeal, yet she has an edge that will surely bring success in all forms to her life. She was gracious enough to model one of her very own designs that is perfect for her silhouette. She has a colorful soul that has a touch of shyness, but when cozy with a room filled of beautiful men, she speaks her mind. Miami0005 More of these at the end... Miami0022 Courtney has been doing everyone’s hair and makeup since she was in Junior High School and additionally expressing herself through dance. Truly and artist and a creator in her fingertips as well as in her heart, she becomes a butterfly when she is allowed freedom of expression. This gorgeous woman also doubled as our makeup artist and model. Courtney is also defining of the color of South Beach although she was only here for a mere 2 days. Courtney was a natural pick to be a part of this grouping because of those eyes, those lips, and that smile but moreover, her ability to consistently see the beauty in others. She is an angel that is guiding and loving. She is the love connection between many and to think she is only in her early 20’s.. The world is about to discover Courtney Eads of Courtney K. Designs. Miami0006 Miami003.5 Lance It is quite a miraculous thing when people come in to our lives for one reason or another, even if we do not know immediately why. Lance is one of those people. As an Army Reserve, Lance could give the appearance of a tough guy, but beyond this armor is a sweet, sensitive loving man with an inner light that shines as bright as his smile. He blushed when asked to be in a photo shoot. He blushed when told he was handsome and had a ridiculously great smile. He was more than willing to be a part of our “Colors of Miami” Shoot. He was early, and attentive but in the most serene way. . His passion lies where people are the most vulnerable: love. Lighting didn’t need to be optimal for us to see how his entire face ignites when he smiles. Like looking into the eyes of one of the most caring human beings; Lance is a man dedicated to harmony, peace and love. Miami0009 Miami0010 Miami0025 Melissa A true, pure beautiful person. Whether the color of her hair, eyes or skin, she is captivating through and through. There is the most loving, kind person that radiates from Melissa.. A photograph of her was so desirable. She is embedded in our hearts no matter how far away we are, but to capture her love light on film was a necessity. She is Honduran originally from New Jersey and now resides in Florida. She is stunning in any color, and has a heart of gold as you can see in her smile that arises from her eyes. The turquoise in Miami is so enriching and defining of South Beach and of the liveliness of the people. Melissa is perfect to set against this color and Oh My goodness she looked as if the photo was meant to happen. Gorgeous… just gorgeous.. Melissa is one of the huge inspirations behind the “Colors of Miami” shoot .. Miami0012 Miami0011 Miami0013 Miami0014 Kevin A. Walton Even a poet could struggle with the words to describe a modern day philosopher that exists only in our history books. He is a like a carved statue in France; truly a work of art to admire. Coincidently he takes care of his body and soul like a diligent serving being. I suppose it is only natural to sit and stare, but knowing that the beauty in this man comes from his birth, his connection with life, his belief’s, his faith and connection to others, stare all you will, he is more than a captivating icon. He celebrates his life journey and tells it willingly. He could write a book similar to a guide to living the best life ever. He walks into a room almost oblivious that he is being stared at by every female. He speaks to everyone with the same loving, inspirational and guiding soul. There is music in his step, poetry in his heart and on his lips, epitomizing togetherness, oneness, connection, more than anything LOVE and TRUTH. Miami018.6 Miami0018 Miami018.5 K DUB The Truth. Miami0188 Angelica and Kayson Mama and baby boy photos are always so heartwarming. Angelica has such a huge and loving heart for her sweet and very silly little Kayson. After listening to her speak about him, we had to meet this cutie. He says "Mami is petie".. pretty in 2 year old speech, and puts his little hand on her face.. Angelica is a natural beauty with as much beauty within. She is young, hardworking and such a loving Mom and sister. Angelica has a fire that comes out like light from her eyes. Her voice is soothing and brings warmth to the heart. She also has a wonderful sense of humor that resides like a playful child behind her eyes. That is what is so special about her relationship with Kayson. You can tell that Angelica and Kayson understand each other well just by the interaction in the photos. Miami0015.5 Miami0017 More Racquel. We didn't plan on shooting her in this outfit, but it was so fun not to! Miami0023 Miami0024 Courtney

Thank you all so much for being part of this shoot!