An Old fashioned Love Story: Rey Swimwear

This was a really fun shoot from awhile ago, which I decided to wait until the summer to post. You might recognize this gorgeous couple from our Oz shoot, their engagement and wedding. Alexandria + Spencer are the epitome of an old fashioned love story so they were the perfect choice featuring Rey Swimwear and Jonah Apparel Hair + Makeup by Melody Bathing suits from Rey Swimwear Men's suits by Jonah Apparel

You might have seen Jessica's video where she is speaking on modesty that recently just went viral. Click here to watch. So excited that I shot the images for her book coming out soon.

Scroll down to read the story over the images...

Dear Amelia, I met him on the beach.ReySwimStory02 ReySwimStory01 ReySwimStory04 I was taking an afternoon stroll, saying good-bye to the summer, watching out for surfers and tourists along the sand. ReySwimStory07 ReySwimStory06 ReySwimStory08 I saw him in his pinstripe swimsuit walking toward me. It was just like you said…It was almost like a dream. ReySwimStory05 He walked up slowly and smiled…. ReySwimStory09 Ah Life is Sweet. ReySwimStory10 We walked by the beach and even had candy. We laughed. ReySwimStory11 There is an intensity about him and when I am with him I feel….cherished. ReySwimStory12  He is suave but also kind-hearted. We talked for hours and I feel like I learn more about myself the more I know him. It is just like you said. There is something indescribably about it. I feel free, beautiful, completely myself. ReySwimStory13 He told me that I was not like anyone else, that I had consumed his thoughts. His eyes that told me he meant them. ReySwimStory14 ReySwimStory15 ReySwimStory16 And then last night, he danced in my dreams. It feels like it is always summer here. I will write again soon my friend. ReySwimStory17

Thanks for reading our sweet little love story!