Los Feliz Photography: Demi + Steven at The Drawing Room

Demi + Steven met at Drawing Room, which is a cozy little dive bar in Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. We decided it wasn't too divey or not divey enough. It's thee perfect amount of dive, which also makes it the ideal place for their engagement shoot. I found out later celebrities have been known to frequent. And several of my clients love this place, so I'm surprised I'm just now discovering it. We were lucky to have Demi + Steven's bartender friend let us do whatever we wanted and she even made some fake drinks (then real drinks) for the shoot. Thank you Demi + Steven for such a fun shoot and introducing me to this fun place!

Come back soon for their wedding that is Surrealist themed! DrawingRoom0001How fun is the dragon?! DrawingRoom0002I loved the different color lighting effects. DrawingRoom0003 DrawingRoom0004 DrawingRoom0005 DrawingRoom0006 DrawingRoom0007