Lauren + Nathan, Newport Beach Engagement

To say I'm smitten with this couple is an understatement. They are really cute. Cute in the same way a newborn puppy that just did something adorable is. They have this sweet closeness and happiness you can feel when you're around. I find myself giddy when I get to photograph them, which has been quite a bit in the last year.. You might remember them from Lauren's Surprise Proposal I photographed at LAX last year. If you haven't seen, you must click here.

KEAN coffee to start. KeanPhotography0022 Relationships mean sharing conversations and giggles over coffee and a yummy snack. KeanPhotography0024 I've always wanted to do a shoot at Kean since I go there so much. So glad I finally go to! KeanPhotography0023 Then we went on our nature walk. Could they BE any cuter?! KeanPhotography0025 KeanPhotography0026 KeanPhotography0027 KeanPhotography0028 KeanPhotography0029 Sometimes the end is just the beginning... KeanPhotography0030