Vintage Tea Baby Shower Brunch

We wanted to do something special for Melody's last baby. Since she has two boys and is having a girl, we wanted this shower to be really girly for her. So we threw an intimate Vintage Tea Baby Shower Brunch. First we collected vintage tea cups and tea pots from thrift, antique and garage sales. Then we decided on the menu: tomato soup and grilled Gouda cheese (in the cutest little cups ever, see below) french toast bake, mini quiches and mini cucumber/avocado/hummus sandwiches and pb & honey sandwiches. Oh and the Mimosa bar! One of the hosts, Tiffani drew this on our fridge. Isn't it so cute?! It's still there. I'm having a hard time erasing it.. VintageTeaBabyShower0001 For the decor we used crates, old window frames, tea cups and pots, burlap and lace, and anything vintage we had on hand. I made a canvas from her maternity/family session to use as decor and to give her. Instead of cards, we asked guests to bring books to give to June. VintageTeaBabyShower0002 One shot I loved from Destinie's iPhone. Mini Bundt cakes, brown butter sea salt with rosemary cookies, Apple goodies and amazing rugelach.. vintageteaiphone2 Me and Destinie getting ready for the shower while Tiff gets ready. We redecorated the whole living room just for the shower. VintageTeaBabyShower0003 Some of the table setup outside. We used the Madonna Inn glass for the guest of of honor. We searched high and low for teacups and teapots from thrift, antique and yard sales (not an easy task) until we found enough for our guests. You think it would be easier for only ten people. It wasn't! The mismatched saucers were easier to find than the mismatched teacups. VintageTeaBabyShower0004 We juiced fresh, organic fruits to use for mimosas and served them in mini mason jars. It was a big hit! VintageTeaBabyShower0005 VintageTeaBabyShower0006 Some of our hat ladies! VintageTeaBabyShower0007 More prints from her maternity session hung on windows outside for decor. VintageTeaBabyShower0008 Our intimate, lovely and fun brunch! We were served by two true gentlemen: my boyfriend Evan and Melody's husband Jeremy. Without them, this would have been impossible. They cooked, cut and served for hours so we could enjoy ourselves. VintageTeaBabyShower0009 French Toast Bake. VintageTeaBabyShower0010 Quiches and the sandwiches. VintageTeaBabyShower0011 My most favorite tiny little cup from Ikea with the grilled Gouda cheeses. VintageTeaBabyShower0012 Melody opening her gifts and the two men that slaved over the hot stove, finally relaxing. VintageTeaBabyShower0013 Whatever was leftover, I had them take home in a tea cup as a favor.(From my iPhone) vintageteaiphone3 Some of the ladies. VintageTeaBabyShower0014 Melody with the the hosts: Destinie, Tiffani and me! VintageTeaBabyShower0015 And I also had the amazing experience of shooting the home birth of baby June. Come back soon to see it! JunesBirth0250