Home Birth Photography: Baby June

Since I was going to Corona on July 16 to get my hair done, I told June to go ahead and be born then. I was joking of course but like a good little girl, she listened. Except I had already come back to Costa Mesa. Melody had been feeling some contractions so I packed my gear and an overnight bag. I was on my way over (a 30 minute drive) when she said to wait. So I went to my office and about an hour later, her husband Jeremy texts me that I better come.... Dear June,

This is your birth story.

On the freeway, I get this this text from your dad: "She's here!" HomeBirth0001 This is the first time I see you and your mom. It's one of my favorites. HomeBirth0003 HomeBirth0002 Your dad and Aunt Chrissy, talking about how you were born and how they helped. They delivered you, since you seemed to be in a hurry to get here! HomeBirth0004 Your brothers Owen + Levi, fast asleep. Somehow they slept through all the commotion. HomeBirth0005 Your dad gets to cut the cord. HomeBirth0010 So excited and happy that you're finally here! HomeBirth0008 HomeBirth0009 You had so much hair! HomeBirth0011 Daddy gets to hold you. He was immediately in love and so were you. HomeBirth0012 HomeBirth0013 HomeBirth0020 HomeBirth0019 HomeBirth0017 HomeBirth0016 HomeBirth0015 HomeBirth0014 This is my favorite image of you. HomeBirth0021 HomeBirth0022 Your Grandma Joian passed away a few years ago. When I saw this tattoo of her name on your mom's wrist, I felt her presence there with us. It's something I can't really describe, I just know. I'm sure you know it too. HomeBirth0023 HomeBirth0024 It was so fun to wake up and see the boys. One night they went to bed without a sister and then they woke up and they had you! They were so happy and excited to meet you. Levi brought you some of his toys. HomeBirth0025 HomeBirth0026 They were all immediately obsessed with you! HomeBirth0027 Your proud Grandparents came to visit. HomeBirth0028 I know, it's exhausting being born. HomeBirth0029 HomeBirth0030 Your brothers fought over who could hold you, they loved you so much. HomeBirth0031 HomeBirth0032 Owen and Levi discussing what color eyes you might have and looking at what colors theirs are. HomeBirth0033 HomeBirth0034 HomeBirth0035 HomeBirth0036 Hi there beautiful! HomeBirth0037 This is you a couple months later. You love to talk and you are so pretty! We all adore you! IMG_7336