Boudoir Sessions

In case you're on the fence about doing a boudoir session at our Boudoir Marathon on January 25, here's why I think you should. Not unlike many women, I never feel completely happy with my body. Then a thought occured to me. How many times have I looked back at a situation or myself and thought, why didn't I just enjoy what I had when I had it? It wasn't perfect or ideal but it is good. When I'm old and my body fails me, I'm going to look back at what I am now and realize just how beautiful I was. Why don't we cut that part out and just realize however overweight, wrinkly or imperfect we are, that we owe it to ourselves to celebrate the good things about our bodies?

That is why I believe every woman should do a boudoir and portrait session, even if it's just for herself. You might think "oh I just want to lose five pounds" and then ten years have passed and you never did the session. Now is the time to celebrate who you are.

Normally my half hour rate starts at $250. With this marathon session, you're geting me for a half hour AND amazing hair and makeup, which usually starts at $150. You'll be done up all day and can go out that night looking fancy! You also get all the edited files. This means I give you all the good ones. I want to let you choose your favorite of yourself. And I shoot a lot! Just ask my past clients.

Now is the time. I hope to see you and celebrate you! xoxo, Dana