LA Photography: Adventures in Subway

On the way back from shooting Kristi + Josh all over LA and the subway, the funniest thing happened. As we got on at about 10pm (on a Wednesday) there were all sorts of characters to behold. A guy free style rapping like he's alone, some shady people drunk and/or on drugs and a man with six fingers. Cool. 1,2,3,4,5...6. Definitely six. All I can think is, "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die."


The older drunk man sitting next to Josh offers him a drink. Josh says no thanks as the man downs half a medium bottle of rum (as if the man wasn't drunk enough already. But hey, at least he's not driving.) Then he asks Josh for a picture, which Josh interprets as a picture of Josh and Kristi, since it is their engagement shoot. No, this man wants a picture of himself with Kristi. So Josh, being a good sport, takes the man's flip phone and snaps a shot of Kristi and this drunk stranger. The whole subway car bursts into hysterics as the man makes the image his screen saver. The rapper is laughing and says, "This never happens and I'm from Philly!" The girls behind us tell Kristi how nice that was while the man is making kissing faces at his new screensaver. Everyone is laughing at this strange scene.


All of the sudden, somehow the rapper's friend now wants a photo with me? Sure, why not. This is the subway car from the Twilight Zone and I have nothing to lose. The rapper who calls himself "best writer in the world" calls me "red shaped heart" because my hair is red and my pants have hearts on them, naturally.

We're all best friends by now and Josh asks where we're going and they tell us we're heading to Long Beach, which is the wrong way. Everyone is hysterical laughing at us again. So we get off at the next stop, which is Florence and I wonder if anyone will try to rob and/or kidnap me as we wait for Uber. It also happened to be the drunk man's stop and he staggers over to us and tries to tell us in broken English to be careful. Uber finally gets there and we almost hit the drunk guy as he is staggering around middle of the street.

And that's how I discovered the LA subway.