Abbot Manor Photography: Tara + Jay Wedding

Since I'm finally catching up on blogging, I wanted to share this super sweet wedding from last year. Tara + Jay are such a wonderful couple and I adore spending time with them. Their wedding was beautiful, relaxed and filled with love from family and friends. They even made me cry a bunch of times! Venue: Abbott Manor in Temecula Hair and Makeup by Melody Tara's dress was designed by her and made by her mother Jays suit: Custom order from Proper Suit Cake: Ontario Bakery


Some of the Abbot Manor details. It was a gorgeous day! AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0002

AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0003 Tara, along with her bridesmaids got the flowers with the LA market and put them together before the wedding. AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0004 Wood centerpieces and flowers Tara made around the head table. AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0005

Already emotional while getting ready. AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0006 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0007 Those are my hands. A lot of times I'm the one who pins the boutonniere. AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0009 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0010 Jay was so so happy! AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0011 I absolutely love shooting the guys. AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0019 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0011.5 They chose to do a first look, which I highly recommend. Love their anticipation in this. AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0012.5 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0013 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0014 One of my favorite first look shots EVER! AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0015 Cheer up Jay! AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0016 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0017 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0018 Even though they did a first look, they still both cried (again) at this moment of her walking down the aisle. The first look doesn't take away from this special moment, it adds to it. AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0020 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0021 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0022 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0023 I don't remember what they said, but I do remember crying a lot. AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0024 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0026 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0027 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0029 My favorite kind of light with my favorite kind of couple. AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0030 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0031 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0032 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0033 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0034 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0035 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0035.5 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0036 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0036.5 AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0036.6 Candy bar and succulent favors. (We got to keep one. Thanks Tara + Jay!) They hand made and packaged the favors- succulent pots and salted caramel bars. AbottManorTemeculaTaraJay0037