SoCal Photog ShootOut, Mad Men Style

My good friend Hanssie (aka Queen of Everything) asked me if I was available to lead some groups for this shootout, which happened to be one of my favorite styles. Of course I said yes! I've done this once before and it's always a great experience talking to other photographers and teaching. In this case, I did less teaching and more shooting. Everyone was excited to get time with our lovely model. She was so great, it was hard to get a bad photo of her. And everyone loved her! (And so does the camera.) Thank you so all who participated in this!

Organization: SoCal Photog ShootOut Model: Isabel Dresden Hair by Diego Ortega Makeup by Jennette Pulecio Styling by Heather Skelton and Kaylee Sizemore Venue: Casino San Clemente

Some of me, Hannsie and the shooters!

Here's some of my favorites from the day: I brought my camera since it fits so well! Isabel is the perfect mid century modern gal! The whole group of "Mad Men" models. I was testing the light and got this one of the other model, Kayla Lighthizer.

Photog ShootOut

Last week, I joined SoCal Photog ShootOut to lead a group.  I highly recommend attending one. I went a few months ago and got so much out of it. So I was really excited when Hanssie asked if I wanted to lead a group. They have several ones all over the country that take place pretty often. Thanks to Hanssie, Matt and Rob for having me! Rob was the main speaker who inspired me with ways I can better my business. What I talked about was finding the right clients since I seem to attract such fabulous people! It was a good learning experience for me and my type of "leading" which is more like a collaboration. It's the same principle I apply when I shoot my client-friends; I'm inspired by who they are and the kinds of things they like.

I spent much more time talking to photographers (which I take so much out of) and my model than I did shooting, which I feel is an important thing to do. I'm all about getting to know my clients. It helps everyone feel comfortable and get better pictures. I believe it's even more important than being technically good.

But here's few pictures I did take, so this post isn't boring!

This is my model Kristin, who I just adored! I hope I get to work with her again. If you go to SoCal Photog ShootOut you can see tons of other photographer's pictures that turned out so good!

Hair: Melody Rachunok Makeup: Brandie Bedell


I got this from the hilarious blog, Photographer's Math.wppi

Going to WPPI in Vegas for the photography convention (or fun convention?) of the year. I don't actually go to the convention, I go to the trade show and all the parties. I meet lots of people, see old friends, talk photography, learn stuff and party like it's 1999. So I'll be out of the office for awhile. I'll be checking my emails.