Love Note from Monique + Chris!

Just got this amazing review from Monique + Chris! "Dana Grant was phenomenal. Both our wedding and engagement pictures came out perfectly. Dana was an absolute joy to work with, and her prices were more than fair given the extremely high quality of her work. On top of all that, Dana is a wonderfully pleasant and vivacious individual. It helps immensely when you can be comfortable and even have fun with your photographer. It makes the pictures that much more candid. Anyone looking to take wedding/engagement photos need look no further than Dana Grant Photography!

Aww, thanks guys! xoxo!

Love note from Shana + Travis!

This love note is from "Sweet Shana" as I like to call her! Their wedding was last year at The Bacarra Resort in beautiful Santa Barbara. Hi Darling Dana!! I hope all is well. TRAV AND I LOVE THE ALBUM!!!   It really captures the whole day and I have looked at it about 15 times. The whole family loved it too.  We took it to family dinner on Sunday and showed everyone.  Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!   You’re the best!!


Here's a couple pages from their album:

More Reject Art..

Lately I've been exploring the concept of what I've been calling "Reject Art." Started by my Reject Heart. It's all about making something beautiful accidentally or finding the art in something that didn't turn out "right." I finally developed some Holga film (I usually wait so long, I forget what I've shot and it's like Christmas when I get them back!) One of the reasons I love the Holga so much, it's not perfect. But my recent developments, were even more un-perfect.. But the more and more they come out wrong, the more I'm loving them. These are all medium format film and even that didn't quite turn out right. Only part of the side of the film showed up.

Nothing even came out on these ones, but I'm in love with the numbers and the colors. This is a little more typically Holga but still cropped off. From one of my favorite weddings. From this rad wedding. Even though these didn't turn out, I gave them to the bride and she loved them. A merry go round in Perris (looks totally creepy to me) and a building in Paris, Ireland or London. Totally wacky, from this Engagement Shoot. From my trip to Utah in December. This is closer to the look I'm going for with my Holga, but this is also (accidentally) double exposed.

Nice Words from Jen + Don!

Hi Dana! First off, thank you for sending the pictures! We are soo happy with them and are thrilled with the way they turned out! You did such a fabulous job and we're soo glad to have had you as our photographer! I love the way you captured the light in all our pictures and I appreciate you being so patient with me! I know I've asked a lot of questions and had you take many more family pictures than anticipated, but thank you so much for going with the flow! :) We love them!!