Ranunculus and Shot Glasses

Just for fun, just because. I love my Elvis shot glasses and I love Ranunculus. Why not put the two together?! These would make fabulous wedding centerpieces, if I do say so myself. I happened to Google "wedding shot glass centerpieces" and nothing nearly this cute came up.

What do you think? I threw an old Coke bottle in the mix too...

DIY Photo Display: Old Calender + Old Window Frame

This is one of those projects that happened to me and it was so cute and fun that I have to share! I'm always inspired by my super talented DIY brides and I finally found something I could make. (And you can too!) It's my first time posting a DIY so please feel free to ask me any anything! In case I left something out..

Source: flickr.com via Dana on Pinterest

I stumbled on this image of old black and white photos hanging on the old window frame and fell in love. You can see how to make that one Talia Christine's Blog. A few months later, my boyfriend found some perfectly old, rackety radtasical old window frames and saved them for me. (I didn't even tell him about that image! He's the best, I know.) I thought about doing almost the exact same thing as the image, until I came up with the idea to use pictures of me and my boyfriend instead. But how would I display the them in a fun and different way?

I had an old desk calender from Paper Source that I loved and didn't want to get rid of. I thought it might look good to put the images where the date was and use it as a frame. Since it was our first year dating, I would put one photo of us from every month. Yes! It was perfect.

I hope you love the idea and have as much fun making this as I did! It could totally work for weddings as a photo display or table seating chart.. Many more ideas to build upon!

Old desk calender from Paper Source Hanging clips from Ikea or Michael's When you cut the month out, you can can save the title of the month and tape it on and have a corresponding photo. That's what I did in the last image here: Then you just clip and hang and you're done! I just used push pins to secure the string. Super easy! This is what it looks like in my house above my favorite mid century modern cabinet on the left. And my favorite month on the right. I made this for my boyfriend for Christmas but didn't finish so I gave it to him on Valentine's. And it's still at my house. I think I secretly made it for myself! I've also used Polariods on my old window frames. You can see more on the Vintage Bridal Show Post.

Maggie Lifestyle shoot

I've been seeing a lot of glammed-up shoots lately. Hair, makeup, wordrobe, stylist; the works. So of course I wanted to do the complete opposite.

My idea for this shoot was just Maggie. She's one of those natural beauties that doesn't understand how pretty she is. Even with little or no makeup on, she's intriguing. I wanted it to be very natural, beachy, life style shoot, which reflects her personality.

I also wanted to use film but I ended up running out... But I love my digital ones just as much! I am still waiting for the black and whites so we'll see how they come out. I did very little photoshop on the digital ones and nothing to the film. I love the idea that something that be so simple and natural yet amazing and beautiful.

Let me know what you think!

The next few are film... I love that I can put a film and digital image next to each other and it still looks good! Film is on the left. I'm in love with this shot.

Rey Swimwear Shoot, Newport Beach

Jessica Rey asked me join this shoot featuring her new cover ups. She had planned it with Kristin Rogers (who happens to be a dear friend of mine). I love Jessica's philosophy: that a bathing suit can be flattering and modest while still being cute. I've had such anxiety trying to find swimsuits that don't show too much and this sort of thing is perfect for someone like me! Plus I heart anything vintage or vintage inspired! Designer – Jessica Rey Designer Asst. – Rebecca Christian Second Assitants - Camila Vilareal and Alyssa Ramos Make Up – Sheila Northcut Make Up Asst. – Jennifer Hernandez Hair – Tiffany Loggins and Victoria Buge Models – Models: Lindsey, Tracy, Aurelia, Celeste, Christian, and True (his real name) Location – Berni Neal

Candy + Dave, Day After in a Graveyard

For our last shoot of the four day weekend, one of our favorite couples Candy + Dave came out for a fun Day After shoot. If you remember their engagement, it was entitled "Death of the Single Life" and we shot it in a cemetery. And their wedding was Day of the Dead themed. Flash forward several months; our super-fantastic blog designer Will found this perfect cemetery. It was just begging for us to do a Day After shoot with them in it!

We're very attracted to the idea of the dark side of love. What I mean by that is; marriage is hard. Like, if you don't think about getting a divorce at least once, there's something wrong with you! (Maybe that's why so many marriages end in divorce; they just don't realize feelings of wanting to kill the other person are completely normal. Rest assured; they are! Ha.) And we love that Candy + Dave get that. That's why their shoots have meant so much to us.

And we got to work with our very talented friends again: Makeup: Amy Marie Clarke and Hair: Hair by Melody

This is the shot I had envisioned and I didn't even take it!

They're so sweet; they melt my heart. BTW, anytime you see shots like this, it's usually by my melty heart man, Jeremy.

Candy is amazingly gorgeous.

This is probably my fave. It's always hard for me to choose!

He was a man.

What's up with cemeteries closing so early?!
We ended up getting locked in and had to hop the fence! Dave climbed over first and got our handy ladder out of the car so we could climb over more easily.

Thanks Candy + Dave for being up for this and for dinner!