Becca + Jim: Day After

You might remember Becca + Jim from their stylish wedding, their feature on the Southern Weddings blog, and their fun engagement at The Viceroy. It was time for The Day After shoot and Becca chose the airport for something a little different. As usual, we had such an amazing time. Any excuse to hang out with these two! And you MUST check out Becca's stylish blog! I'm really excited about a project that I'm going to be doing with her! jb2




A little windy! jb17


This is why the wind is good! jb7



So Becca! jb8



Love, love, love her hand in this! jb13

We were lucky enough to actually be there when a plane took off. The pilot waved at us! jb135



One of my faves! jb151


Melissa + Patrick Day After

While in Walnut Grove, California, we decided to do an impromptu day after shoot with Melissa + Patrick. While driving down the road to Grand Island Mansion we saw the coolest spots and HAD to do a shoot there!

They were up for all our antics so we had a lot of fun!

This library called to us:

There was a liquor store, Alcoholics Anonymous and a church all in a row!

Thank you Melissa + Patrick for so much fun on the wedding day and day after!!

Candy + Dave, Day After in a Graveyard

For our last shoot of the four day weekend, one of our favorite couples Candy + Dave came out for a fun Day After shoot. If you remember their engagement, it was entitled "Death of the Single Life" and we shot it in a cemetery. And their wedding was Day of the Dead themed. Flash forward several months; our super-fantastic blog designer Will found this perfect cemetery. It was just begging for us to do a Day After shoot with them in it!

We're very attracted to the idea of the dark side of love. What I mean by that is; marriage is hard. Like, if you don't think about getting a divorce at least once, there's something wrong with you! (Maybe that's why so many marriages end in divorce; they just don't realize feelings of wanting to kill the other person are completely normal. Rest assured; they are! Ha.) And we love that Candy + Dave get that. That's why their shoots have meant so much to us.

And we got to work with our very talented friends again: Makeup: Amy Marie Clarke and Hair: Hair by Melody

This is the shot I had envisioned and I didn't even take it!

They're so sweet; they melt my heart. BTW, anytime you see shots like this, it's usually by my melty heart man, Jeremy.

Candy is amazingly gorgeous.

This is probably my fave. It's always hard for me to choose!

He was a man.

What's up with cemeteries closing so early?!
We ended up getting locked in and had to hop the fence! Dave climbed over first and got our handy ladder out of the car so we could climb over more easily.

Thanks Candy + Dave for being up for this and for dinner!