Wedding in Coronado

For my first wedding of the year I shot for my friend and fabulous photographer, Leigh Miller (love her!). We had such a great time with this fun loving couple. And it's always nice to hang out with other photogs for inspiration and just to "talk shop". Here's a few picks from the day:

The church.

I loved the groom's attire.

Swords are cool!

Caution: Marriage isn't for everyone.

Fun at the beach:

Aren't they adorable?

I loved that the bride was taking polaroids!

Thanks for letting me come with you Leigh!

2006 Postcard

To bring in the new year, we made this postcard of all of our couples.

Check out the adorable couples from 2006:

Thank you all for making this year so awesome!! We look forward to our 2007 couples!!

Niki & Mike, Wedding at Muckenthaler Mansion......

Last Sunday we shot this very brief wedding (only 3 hours) on the Muckenthaler Mansion but we still managed to take just as many pictures as 6 hour one! I won't even say how many because it's ridiculous!! Here's some of our favorites:

Putting on her earrings.

I just love the framing and her expression on this one that Jeremy shot.

How cute are these shoes? And his cute little face is adorable.

The happy groom.

The ceremony.

This was way fun! I actually fell when I took it.

Taking a moment to relax.

The couple's cute little guy. He loved getting close to the camera!

We teased them about this cake topper since it looks nothing like them.

This is awesome. It's the perfect picture of what marriage is like.

Thank you Niki and Mike!! We hope you had a wonderful honeymoon!

Heather & Joe, Wedding in Rancho Santa Fe.........

Heather and Joe got married in the cute little town of Rancho Santa Fe. We just did their engagement at a winery in September and had a great time with them. The day was beautiful; filled with the love of family and friends, and there was the best rainbow ever to top it all off!!

Some nice details.

Cool shots of the guys by Jeremy:

The beautiful bride.

The girls looked amazing with the colors, the flowers and their skin tone.

The kiss by Jeremy.

Larry the bagpiper. Heather's family is from Scotland so this was very appropriate.

The grand entrance.

The most amazing & unique rainbow I've ever seen. Heather didn't get to see it but she will be able to enjoy this picture for a long time!

Thank you Joe and Heather and family for having us. We had a wonderful time with you!

Silvia and Edgar

I was finally able to go through some of the images from last week's wedding with such an awesome couple. We just did their engagement and were looking forward to the wedding. They are both so nice and warm, we instantly hit it off with them. All of their friends and family talked about how wonderful they are and it's true!! And I guess Edgar was very persistent (there was a bit of stalking going on!) and that's how they ended up together. I relate; I too married my stalker!

It's always fun as a photographer to get cool stuff like this.

Edgar waiting at the church for his bride.

The bridesmaid bouquet with fall colors.

Jeremy got this cool angle of the ceremony in a beautiful old church.

Rowdy groomsmen are the best!!

Our favorite "shots" with the couple! It was yummy.

Thank you Edgar and Silvia for sharing your special day with us!!